Business and 1st Class Travel

To alleviate the tedium and discomfort of long journeys, many passengers investigate the option of travelling in first or business class.

Security and Chauffeur Services Ltd provide executive chauffeured vehicle services, primarily throughout the greater London area. We have the ability to extend beyond that area, as your needs require. We welcome special requests, and our chauffeurs will see to all your needs—including those you may not have anticipated.

We provide transport for all types of corporate events at any location. Your business will benefit from a professional and reliable service. Executives will value the comfort and stress free environment of our professionally driven vehicles. Value the comfort and stress free environment in our executive cars, and use your travel time productively to make sure you are well prepared for important meetings ahead.

Why travel business?

▪   Massage seats that allow you to rest and hit the road running for your early morning meeting. (This is a good one to tell to your boss).

▪   You can move around and stretch easily, helping prevent DVT.

▪   Entertainment options in business class are also good, with audio and video on demand (AVOD) often provided as a standard amenity in most of our fleet, either via a display built into your seat or portable DVD / ipad players issued by request (subject to availability). Power sockets for laptops are often provided and Internet access may be available too.